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Editors: Kaira Gupta and Nandika Mishra

Technology Head: Keshav Sahni

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February 2021

We look back to the inhumanity of apartheid. We look forward to the rising heights of women's football. Ijya Raj showcases her artwork so we may get a glimpse of her vision. Esha Anand redefines the conventional perception of art. Pradyum Agarwal narrates his journey of becoming an equestrian. Our book review invites you to have a journey of your own in the English countryside. Saanvi Singh delves into an important economic concept. Students share their experience of returning to school after a year of near isolation. In short, this issue is one you can not miss.

Used Books

Book Review: The Remains of the Day

by Kazuo Ishiguro

by Nandika Mishra


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